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waiting still
with a pill in my hand
is my favorite mistake
touching sand
with the back of my hand
in my last moments awake
i'm blind and i stare
and i keep breathing your air
we’re what we are
that’s what i said
we never change
the one who speaks in your tones
can't be you
coz' i know your flesh and your bones
and your walls I'm talking to
this door is closed for you.
the one who speaks with your words
can't be you
coz' i know you flesh and your bones
but today you look away
you closed this door yourself


i find myself lost in this maze
no answers here left to erase
all the words i tell sound strange
it’s not my fault that
they just won’t rearrange
no one leaves this place alive
but no one tried
to dream and dive
polished lies i can't see through
don't speak of light
while the dark is still in you
in the corner of my mind
memories left there to divide
there's no hope
coz' i cant remember your face
crises born and left to blow
what's my name
coz' i don't know
and i cant remember your face
but i love the coffee you make
the smiles that you fake
the steps that you take


people are rioting,
the few left alive.
all the pubs are full
there is NO weed, NO pills,
not a single drop of alcohol left.
summer has taken over the city
like a strange disease,
as the soul of the desert is inflicted
in each and every one of us.
alienated people
blindly bump into each other
like particles of dust
flowing in the air
into collision.
the city is mute


take a deep breath and turn around
and make no sound
and don't forget don't ignore
i'm not the one
you’re looking for

take a deep breath and turn around
and make no sound
just go ahead, be free, you’re on your own
don't look at me
impossible today is true
i'm leaving you

i'm leaving you and all those times
i had to pray to lose my mind
i'm leaving you

i'm leaving you
with all your mess
i leave your shallow world to rest


from the outside dark, dizzy merrygoround
you’ll find a moment
to admire your inner derangement
and rediscover it
as one of your greatest achievements.

"she" tricked us all,
and left
no scars behind.
"she" gave us all the answers.
and now we’re staring at each other,
consuming each other,
waiting for someone
to ask the questions out loud.


who guides
your moves, your steps
when blind, by fortune’s hand
you shoot and miss?
what do you feel
when you walk away
like this
and leave behind
another lie?
how can you breathe?


you owe them nothing
reject the world
you have all
the reasons to.
your mind got crowded
too many people
and somehow
they lost you
run from everybody.
that temple might have
something left to hide
holy books - instructions
of the most destructive plans
ever designed.

on a map in the dirt
you find yourself hurt
numb and repeating the words
you have heard.

prayers fail
heaven lays
in your eyes
and that's all it is,
you have filled the abyss.


only water around
it’s been so long
since our feet
have touched the ground
getting far from the shore
we stretch our arms to the sun
and ask for more
but today the world that we know
is moving too slow
from an island to another
our life’s done,
it’s all gone


no answers
no questions to ask
i am the keeper
of pain’s polished rust

no reasons
no spells left to cast
i am the fountain
of powder and dust

always gone
let me be the one
forever in love
heartake’s sun
warm my arms
break these charms
and leave me


load the gun again
let's clear your way
a fool they made of you
let's make them pay

load the gun again
fire at will
you'll make them understand
can't make them feel

they've planned
every day
of your life
and ripped off your dreams
and let you survive

you cant divide yourself again
you wont deny yourself for them
for them we are all the same
in their eyes, in their minds
we are all the same


it doesn't matter where we are
the world is too far
go ahead, take what you need
i'm already incomplete
i have sand of my feet
i'm wide awake
and ready to break
thoughts by the floor
they're not worth fighting for

it doesnt matter where we are
the world is too far
go ahead, take what you need
i'm already incomplete
i have sand on my feet
i'm wide awake
and im ready to make
one last mistake
one last try
you will love my new skin
a new pattern will burst
from within
a new frame
will contain the old me
i'm sure you'll find
a perfect place for it
in the dirt
under your feet

one last try
you will love my new skin
a new pattern will burst
from within
i'll reborn
i can't find the right word
you think you have a better name for it
all your names will not fit.


i don't care lately
about those different people
who couldn't make me stay
i can see lately
and i have seen the faces
of those who get in my way

i will never look behind
and i will never have to hide
i've made my way each single day
and stood against the tide
i've learned to fall and reagained my soul
all alone
i've lost it all and regained my soul
all alone


i never bothered to complain
of all the midgets in my brain
i made them all part of the show
and got so high i'm feeling low

but when you're getting along
everything seems to go wrong
you're gonna waste all my time

it's just the way you are
and you change
i never bothered to complain
of all
so change just one time
to match my shape
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